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RTU GPL qualification: Ten recommendations by Sapashini to keep them in the league

Fans and management of Real Tamale United(RTU) are grateful to the people of Tamale for the unwavering support they extended to the club to ensure the deserved and successful qualification of the club to the Ghana Premier League. As a media personality who has the welfare of the club at heart, I wish to proffer the following pieces of advice/suggestions/recommendations;


  1. Let’s present the team to our eminent chiefs for their blessings and wise counsel.


  1. Management should augment the squad by recruiting more players. Priority should be given to the defensive ranks, the midfield department and the attacking ranks.


  1. Management should motivate the playing body by uniting in order to ensure team work.


  1. Politics and chieftaincy-related issues should be detached from player selection.


  1. The board/management should make the mission and vision of the club clear to fans and sympathisers of the club.


  1. Management should enlist the services of financial “gurus” with integrity to manage gate proceeds.


  1. Apart from the coach and the technical team, nobody should interfere with player selection and recruitment.


  1. Management should set a target for the team. To ensure the attainment of the target, they should arrange a lucrative incentive package for the playing body.


  1. Management should adopt an effective strategy to market the club in order to attract sponsors.


  1. Fans and most importantly management, should prioritize the progression of RTU rather than their personal interest. They should make their doors open so that fans of the club can approach them and offer their contributions. In conclusion, they should be Northern pride in everything and also, we should sell seasonal tickets to the MPs, Chiefs, stakeholders.

Suggested prize for ticketing:

#Regular: ghc10

#VIP: ghc20

#Vvip: ghc50

Congratulations one’s again, May God bless the team (Real Tamale United) and make it great and strong 💪.


Noble Chiefs.

Vice President.

Hon. Haruna.

Doctor Nashiru.

Alhaji Savanna.

Northern MPs.

Sports Presenters.

Soccer fans.

Thank you.


Halid Prince Mukadi Gbramoni

Mukadi Halid Prince



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